CFF Craft-Along 2021

Join the 4th annual Carolina FiberFest

The 2021 Craft-Along is still in the works! You can still check out and make the 2020 patterns. Come and wear either of the 2020 Craft-Along projects to the Carolina FiberFest and receive a free 2020 commemorative button to honor your success! 

Just stop by the information desk and show us your cowl.


Featured Patterns

Unexpectedly Angular

Unexpectedly Angular

The crochet pattern, Unexpectedly Angular, was designed by Connie Lee Lynch. The pattern embraces the natural lean of crochet stitches to create a fun and unique cowl. Written for fingering weight, it can be crocheted in various yarn weights, and is adjustable for size as well.

Tiger Owl Pattern

Tiger Owl

The knit pattern, Tiger Owl, was designed by Greg Cohoon. Using a stitch pattern that evokes thoughts of the Tiger Owl (aka Great Horned Owl) common in North Carolina, the pattern is written for sport weight yarn, but is adaptable to other weights as well as height and circumference.

Patterns are available for download from Ravelry!


Meet Greg Cohoon:
AKA KnittingDaddy

Tiger Owl Designer

My name is Greg Cohoon. I live in Greensboro, NC with my wife and daughter. I love being a dad, and our family ends up on all sorts of adventures as my wife and I nurture our daughter’s interests. My professional background is in software engineering and my day job is as a software architect for a large financial institution. Outside of work, I love to follow baseball. I attend as many minor league games as I can fit in — primarily the Greensboro Grasshoppers, but I also manage to visit other nearby teams. One thing I love about baseball is that it’s easy to enjoy the game while knitting.

Meet Connie Lee Lynch:
aka CrochEtCetera

Unexpectedly Angular Designer

I was born and raised in Arkansas, in the countryside outside of a small rural town. I grew up surrounded by nature and often feel most at home when I’m walking alone down a wooded trail even today. Much of my design inspiration comes from the colors and shapes I see in nature and other scenery around me, from flowers and rocks to the flow of water down a stream to shrouded mountains in the distance. I also find inspiration in the classroom, though! Many of my designs, including Unexpectedly Angular, begin with a question from a student, such as, “Why are my stitches leaning?” and develop from our explorations from there. 

Previous Craft-Along Patterns

Knit or crochet one of our previous craft-along patterns, bring it to Carolina FiberFest 2020 and we’ll give you a button from the appropriate year while they last!

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2020 Unexpectedly Angular Cowl

Unexpectedly Angular

Tiger Owl Cowl

Tiger Owl Pattern

Carolina Chevron Cowl

2019 FiberFriends Shawl


Spring Drops Cowl