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🟊 Some workshops also require the purchase of a kit. This is separate from class registration.  See workshop for info.🟊


🟊 Some workshops also require the purchase of a kit. This is separate from class registration.  See workshop for info.🟊


March 11, 2021

🟊 Some workshops also require the purchase of a kit. This is separate from class registration. 🟊

Palmer-Intro to Brioche small
  • Brioche Intro & Basics with Amie Palmer $40

    Thursday March 11, 2021 11:00 am-1:00 pm

    Learn the basics of two-color brioche knitting by making a chunky cowl. Starting with a super stretchy cast on, the class progresses to brioche knit and brioche purl. To complete your project, finish up with a super-stretchy bind off to match.

    Students will learn: the Twisted German Cast on & Icelandic Bind off and Two Color Brioche stitch in the round.

    Class Fee: $40
    Minimum Age: 14
    Required Skills: Advanced Beginner (some experience knitting). Must be able to confidently cast on and knit and purl in the round.
    Materials students should bring: 2 skeins of Chunky yarn in different colors (Examples include Malabrigo Chunky and Cascade Eco +) and 16” circular needles to match (probably US Size 10 or 11)
    Homework: Print Pattern if a paper copy is desired

  • Beyond your basic 2-ply Yarn: Intermediate Handspinning with Grace McFetters $120

    This is a 4 part workshop

    Thursday March 11, 2021 12:00-2:00 pm
    Friday March 12, 2021 12:00-2:00 pm
    Saturday March 13, 2021 12:00-2:00 pm
    Sunday March 14, 2021 12:00-2:00 pm

    Are you a basic handspinner? If you have mastered the art of drafting for your ideal 2-ply handspun yarn, and you are now interested in expanding your skills, this is the class for you! This class will introduce students to four new yarn structures: spiral, cable, oppositional ply, and boucle yarns. Instructor will provide an overview of each yarn along with explanations of why the structure is ideal for which kinds of fibers, Instruction will also walk students through the spinning process to successfully tackle new spinning techniques and skills. Homework will be assigned between classes.

    Students will learn: Day 1: Spiral yarn; Day2: Cable yarn;
    Day 3: Boucle yarn; Day 4: 4-ply, opposing ply yarn (alpaca)

    Class Fee: $120
    Purchase Kit REQUIRED for class: $35 (includes shipping) - 8 ounces wool (4 ounces fine combed top, 4 ounces Shetland roving), 2 ounces Alpaca Roving
    Order by sending an email to gracemcfetters@gmail.com
    Deadline to register and order a kit is March 3rd

    Minimum Age: 14
    Required Skills: Advanced Beginner or Intermediate Spinner
    Materials students should bring: Spinning wheel with a minimum of 6 bobbins ready to use, along with basic handspinning accessories and supplies; instructor will be putting together a kit to be mailed to each student. This ensures that all students will have the same fibers for spinning without problems such as felted fibers, mystery wool , etc

    Homework: none

colorful ribs nd adgings
  • Colorful Ribs and Edgings with Varian Brandon $40

    Thursday March 11, 2021 4:00-6:00 pm

    Corrugated ribbing in multiple colors…in three variations. Picot edging in multiple colors in two variations. Edgings that don’t curl without garter stitch or ribbing. Seeing a theme? In this class, we will explore different ways of adding color to your edgings and ribbings. Students will work on a variety of these colorful techniques for beginning or ending your knitting.

    Students will learn: various edgings and ribbings to add to a single color project or to colorwork knitting
    Class Fee: $40
    Minimum Age: Old enough to have the knowledge and/or experience needed for class
    Required Skills: Advanced beginner (some experience), Knit stitch, purl stitch, familiar with stranded colorwork (optional)
    Materials students should bring: 2 colors of solid color DK weight yarn (not novelty or fuzzy) 40 yds, US 4 needles
    Homework: none

  • Multistrand Felted Necklace w/ embedded beads with Renate Maile-Moskowitz $80

    Thursday March 11, 2021 2:00-6:00 pm

    Explore the creative possibilities of combining wool with decorative elements and integrate and embed gems , beads and other findings into distinctive necklaces and other felted jewelry.

    Class Fee: $80
    Purchase Kit REQUIRED:$ 16.50 + $8.00 Priority Flat Rat Shipping, will be available for purchase from the instructor. Will include everything to complete one multi strand necklace with bead and closure.
    Order by sending an email to renatemoskowitz@gmail.com
    Deadline to register and order a kit is March 3rd

    Minimum Age: Jewelry Lovers of all ages
    Required Skills: Beginner to experienced
    Materials students should bring: • non slip mat / liner / or sushi mat • Hand and dishtowel • small bowl, bar soap and any kind of dishwashing soap • kitchen sponge or foam of any sort. Optional: Ball Brauser/ Sprinkler of sorts.
    Homework: optional - find your own preferred jewelry gems and embellishments to be included in this project

  • Ecoprint on Silk and Wool for beginners with Theresa Brown $100

    Thursday March 11, 2021 9:00 am-2:00 pm (break during middle of class)

    Learn how to ecoprint on silk and wool! Ecoprinting (also known as botanical printing) involves collecting leaves, plants and flowers to imprint their images directly upon protein fibers using a water bath process. Learn the techniques to create beautiful, all natural designs and colors drawn directly from Nature on silk and wool. Students are encouraged to bring leaves from their area with emphasis on high tannin leaves such as oak, maples, rose, hickory, sumac, etc. and interesting weeds. Leaves will also be provided by instructor. At the end of the workshop, students will take home both a silk and wool ecoprinted scarf and the knowledge to Ecoprint from Nature's resources. Ecoprinting is a natural, sustainable art form.

    Students will learn: Students will learn a natural, sustainable way to permanently imprint Nature's various plants onto protein fibers to create beautiful prints.

    Class Fee: $100
    Purchase KIt REQUIRED for class:e: $30 Student Supply Kit for Ecoprinting Naturally on Wool and Silk: • 2 Wood dowels-10” in length, • ½ oz package of Iron (ferrous sulfate) mordant plus mixing instructions
    • 1 silk scarf fabric 8” x 54”, • 1 wool scarf fabric 8” x 54”, • Twine, rubber bands, * List of Supplies found in your home
    Deadline to register and order a kit is March 3rd

    Minimum Age: 16
    Required Skills: All Levels
    Materials students should bring: Some local leaves -they can be dry or fresh such as rose, sumac, oak, maple (high tannin leaves). Store bought can include inexpensive flowers (such as daisies, carnations, etc) and eucalyptus bundles.
    Homework: none

illusions in shadows
  • Illusions in Shadows with Jolie Elder $60

    Thursday March 11, 2021 3:00-6:00 pm

    Shadow or illusion knitting is a garter ridge stitch fabric that has an observable pattern when viewed from a specific oblique direction. When viewed directly, it resembles two-row stripes. It is an easy, fun, and mysterious way to add patterns to otherwise plain projects, especially garter stitch.

    Students will learn: how to shadow knit, including two-tone and three-tone as well as the formula for reversible shadow knitting

    Class Fee: $60
    Minimum Age: 14
    Required Skills: Advanced beginner (some experience); Students should already know knit, purl, stockinette, and garter
    Materials students should bring: class yarn (smooth, non-splitting, light or bright or medium color) in two contrasting colors, colors similar in hue and/or value will make the illusion less pronounced , appropriate sized needles for working stockinette and garter firmly (not loosely) in this yarn, stitch markers maybe, highlighter tape or magnetic board as we will be working from a chart
    Homework: none

  • Edgy, Easiest Entrelac Ever with Laura Barker $40

    Thursday March 11, 2021 8:00-10:00 am

    Have you been wanting to learn entrelac, or tried and been confused by triangles and different slants? “Edgy” takes full advantage of the intrinsic shape of the rectangles to create a zig zag edge, with no need to learn any triangles. The rectangles are all worked in k1, p1 ribbing, and stitches are picked up using my 'double half stitch pickup' method for a fully reversible scarf. Because there is no right side or wrong side, all rectangles slant in the same direction, so most of them are identical, and the few rectangles with slight variations are easy to learn. If you want to master the basic structure of entrelac, this is the easiest way! Edgy debuted at Rhinebeck 2014 and quickly shot to #1 on Ravelry’s “Hot Right Now” list. Join the fun.

    Students will learn: Basic Entrelac and a special way to pick up stitches
    Class Fee: $40
    Minimum Age: 12
    Required Skills: none
    Materials students should bring: This scarf may be knit in any weight yarn from fingering to worsted, using approximately 400 yds, regardless of weight; a yarn that has some color change is recommended. Because both entrelac and ribbing tend to make your fabric more dense, go up a needle size or two for a nice drape, US#4/3.5mm for fingering weight up to US#9/5.5mm for worsted weight.
    Homework: none

Palmer_IntroLace Trellis Dishcloth
  • Intro to Lace Knitting with Amie Palmer $40

    Thursday March 11, 2021 8:00-10:00 am

    Lace knitting adds beautiful detail to projects but requires a few more techniques than basic knit and purl. Today’s patterns document them in charts that seem mysterious until you know how to read them. Learn the foundational skills needed to create lace and how to easily read lace charts to prepare yourself for any lace project. Your sample from class can be used as a dishcloth or trivet.

    Students will learn: Lace increases and decreases, Reading lace charts

    Class Fee: $40
    Minimum Age: 14
    Required Skills: Advanced beginner (some experience), Must be able to confidently cast on and knit and purl
    Materials students should bring: 1 skein 100% cotton worsted weigh yarn (examples include Sugar & Cream, Cascade Nifty Cotton, Knit Picks Dishie, needles to match (US 7 suggested), tapestry needle, paper copy of pattern, sticky notes or highlighter tape, colored pencils or multiple colors of highlighters/magic markers.
    Homework: Cast on and work the knit rows at the beginning of the pattern.

  • Planning to Fit (Knit a sweater that fits) with Amie Palmer $40

    Thursday March 11, 2021 2:00-4:00 pm

    Are you too worried about sizing to even try to knit a sweater? Do your knitting needles produce randomly sized sweaters? Before you cast on a single stitch, ensure that the sweater you knit will fit by using techniques from this class to select your size, make modifications based on gauge, and customize the fit for a sweater that fits!

    Students will learn: How to measure for a sweater, How to choose a size, Understand the concept of ease in a garment, How to adjust expectations of size based on gauge

    Class Fee: $40
    Minimum Age: 14
    Required Skills: All Levels, Ability to knit and purl
    Materials students should bring: Copy of Pattern, copy of Sweater Fitting Worksheet, calculator (the one on your phone will work), writing utensils
    Homework: Print a copy of Tin Can Knits' free Flax sweater pattern to have as a reference for the workshop. Available at https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/flax; Print a copy of the worksheet for class.

Brandon -Stranded Colorwork Intro (1)
  • One Round Two Colors Intro to Stranded Colorwork with Varian Brandon $40

    Thursday March 11, 2021 9:00-11:00 am

    The class explores Stranded Colorwork Knitting…including Fair Isle motifs and techniques. This is a beginning class for knitters who are fascinated with what can be accomplished using only two colors per one round. Warning: this is an extremely addictive form of knitting!

    Students will learn: Brief history of stranded colorwork knitting, Holding yarns in two hands, Reading charts, Catching long floats, Adding new yarns, securing old yarns, Yarn dominance

    Class Fee: $40
    Minimum Age: 16
    Required Skills: Advanced beginner (some experience), able to do knit stitch
    Materials students should bring: 2 colors...one light, one dark. Worsted or DK weight yarn... solid or tonal colors, no novelty. Approx. 50 yrds each, 2-24" circular needles OR 1-16" circular needle OR 1 set double pointed needles in appropriate size for yarn selected.
    Homework: See One Round, Two Colors Homework and Handout Document

  • Make Mine Marled with Amie Palmer $20

    Thursday March 11, 2021 6:00-7:00 pm

    Marling, or holding multiple yarns together while knitting, is showing up in many of today's patterns. Marling is also a great way to use up leftover yarns. This workshop will explore how to adapt any pattern to use up your stash to make your next project a marled work of art.

    Students will learn: Estimating yardage and needle size for marled projects, ideas for using up limited quantities of stash yarn to make marled items and Fiber options to give unique effects by marling

    Class Fee: $20
    Minimum Age: 14
    Required Skills: All levels
    Materials students should bring:
    Homework: none

peg looming
  • Peg Loom Weaving with Alesia Moore $40

    Thursday March 11, 2021 6:00-9:00 pm

    Peg loom weaving is a fun, easy to learn technique and great for all ages and abilities. It is a basic and ancient form of weaving. While no one knows for sure when these popular and simple looms were first used, some believe that peg loom weaving is a technique used by the early Vikings and European settlers. Peg Looms are so simple to use that anyone can create beautiful and useful woven items, including rugs, doormats, wall hangings, scarves, bags, baskets, blankets, wearable art and more. It is an ideal way to use a variety of yarns, fleece and roving; or up-cycle recycled fabric, t-shirts, and even plastic bags.

    Students will learn: How to weave on a peg loom. In this workshop you will learn how to plan your project, warp the loom, the basic weaving technique of tabby or plain weave and how to change colors or materials. You will also learn how to remove your work from the loom and how to finish the ends in different ways. At the end of the workshop you will have a finished homemade item to take away with you. After taking this class your imagination will be the only boundaries of your creativity.

    Class Fee: $40
    Purchase Kit Optional: Peg Loom Kit – Includes loom, pegs, threader and yarn (warp & weft) or you can purchase peg loom separately.
    Price varies base on size of loom
    Deadline to register and order a kit is March 3rd unless you can pick it up in Youngsville, NC

    Minimum Age: none
    Required Skills: none
    Materials students should bring: Students should purchase a loom kit or bring a Peg loom and pegs, strong yarn for warp, yarn for weft, (make sure your yarn is the appropriate sized for your size pegs), tape measure, scissors, Optional: Threading tool, and crochet thread to create warp loops (to make threading your pegs easier), tapestry needle, crochet hook.

    Homework: none

Textural Sampler Series
  • Textural Felt Sampler Series with Patti Barker $80

    On Demand Video Workshop (on Ruzuku)

    This class is designed for anyone wanting to learn new textural techniques for their fiber art toolbox. This is a beginner/intermediate level felting class. It’s an adventure in textural nuno felt techniques—from simulated animal skin to roses & ruffles, we'll entrap beads, learn mosaics and create raised shapes. Participants will come away with six 10” x 10” samplers and skills to use in creating unique future work. Materials include six mini kits with just what you need. These are purchased directly from the instructor.

    Class Fee: $80
    Purchase Kit REQUIRED for class: $50 – must purchase kit to participate in the workshop
    Deadline to register and order a kit is March 3rd

    Minimum Age: 12
    Required Skills: All levels
    Materials students should bring: There are a few things you need to gather before class: one 2’x 8’ bubble wrap; a wetting method (one-gallon garden sprayer or ball brause & bucket); liquid dish soap; sharp full-sized scissors; an old towel; 2’ section of pool noodle; either two t-shirt strips or knee high nylons for ties.
    Homework: none

  • Stash-busting with the Linen Stitch with Connie Lee Lynch $40

    Thursday March 11, 2021 12:00-2:00 pm

    Learn or review the linen stitch and then dive into some color play while we bust through some stash yarn with this simple, versatile stitch! We'll briefly discuss marling, the three-color change method, and ways to keep your project cohesive, whether it's a scarf, a shawl, or a blanket! Feel free to bring a selection of your stash for assistance in planning out a project.

    Students will learn: We will focus on the linen stitch and color selection and organization, but we'll also look briefly at marling and how to carry your yarn up for the three-color change method.

    Class Fee: $40
    Minimum Age: 9
    Required Skills: Advanced beginner (some experience), Some crochet experience recommended. We will be working with single crochet and chain one spaces.
    Materials students should bring: Stash yarn and a variety of hooks (large ones if you intend to hold multiple strands together.
    Purchase Kit:
    Homework: Please work up a 4-6" linen stitch swatch using your intended yarn weight if you would like help with measuring gauge to plan a specific project. Informal tutorial available at https://youtu.be/R4gIxZCObgE

Barker-Simplified Garter Tab for Triangle or Crescent Shawls, photo
  • Simplified Garter Tab with Laura Barker $40

    Thursday March 11, 2021 11:00 am -1:00 pm

    Learn this simplified way to make a garter tab to start a triangle or crescent shawl. Method requires just one circular needle, and no stitch pickup. Choose the basic triangle or crescent shawls in handout, or bring your own shawl pattern to adapt in class.

    Students will learn: How to simplify and improve the start of a garter tab shawl. Explore basic shawl shapes and patterns, and how to apply this method to a pattern you already have.

    Class Fee: $40
    Minimum Age: none
    Required Skills: Advanced beginner (some experience), Knitting, purling, casting on, and yarnovers
    Materials students should bring: For class samples, need 5-10g sport weight to worsted yarn in light color(s), and appropriately sized circular needle; stitch markers. Time permitting, if student wishes to cast on full sized shawl towards end of class, depending on size shawl desired, 600 yds or more of worsted yarn, OR 700 yds or more of aran/sport yarn, OR 800 yds or more of fingering weight yarn; appropriately sized circular needle.
    Homework: none

  • Wild Wooly Flower with Vickie Clontz $60

    Thursday March 11, 2021 8:00-11:00 am

    Explore the joys of wet-felting as we create a beautiful flower to wear as a brooch to adorn a purse, hat, jacket, or enhance your home! We'll use wool, silk, and sparkly Angelina fibers to make the flower; kits available in all colors in this fun class for all skill levels!

    Students will learn: Students will learn some great basic techniques such as wet-felting, making pre-felt, adding dimension to a piece, making curly tendrils, felting wool beads which can also be used to make jewelry.

    Class Fee: $60
    Purchase Kit REQUIRED: $28 (includes shipping) Email instructor at annieskeepsakes@carolina.rr.com with color preference
    Order by sending an email to annieskeepsakes@carolina.rr.com
    Deadline to register and order a kit is March 3rd

    Minimum Age: none
    Required Skills: All Levels, Optional: basic sewing skills to sew on pin-back and wool bead center; Class can be a little bit physical.
    Materials students should bring: Rolling tool such as a 1" x 12" wooden or plastic dowel rod (can sub a 3/4" x 12" dowel or small rolling pin), scissors, towel, 2-qt. bowl, dishwashing liquid (I use Dawn concentrate) or olive oil soap, hot water, apron or old shirt for water play. I also have dowels for an additional fee if you don't have one.
    Homework: none


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